2019 CORVETTE STINGRAY is coming to Dubai

New American supercar - a revolution for the Corvette

The eighth generation of the legendary Chevrolet Corvette is coming! The Chevrolet Corvette will carry revolutionary changes along with the location of the engine. From now on, it is located not under the long hood in front, but behind the seats. Yes, the Corvette is now mid-engined!

This transition was inevitable. One of the most famous American monsters with the engine in front, the Dodge Viper, has already become history, and all competitors have “left” forward on racing tracks. For example, now all the top supercars easily make less than 7 minutes on the North Loop of the Nurburgring, but Corvette could not … before.

The change of layout radically changed the proportions - the interior was shifted forward by 40 centimeters, as a result Corvette now resembles on the side ... mid-engined Ferrari or McLaren. All external panels are made of fiberglass, and they are hung on an aluminum frame. The rear part for the sake of aerodynamics is made long, but at the same time this decision led to the appearance of an additional trunk at the rear (of course, there is also a front). The total capacity is quite decent 357 liters.

For sure Corvette buyers do not pay attention for boot size. But what undoubtedly will please them is the good old hefty atmospheric V8. This is a modified version of the LT1 engine, with two valves per cylinder and with a volume of 6.2 liters produces 502 hp. and 637 Nm of torque. But we know that there will also be compressor options, where for sure the power will come close to 700 hp. (the former Z06 had 659).

Unfortunately now there are no options with gearboxes - only an 8-speed DSG with two clutches. No more classic auto transmission and no more manual. The exotic chassis with transverse springs has also gone - the front and rear of the Corvette have double-link suspensions, a classic for sports cars.

Very interesting innovation - the brakes are not with hydraulic, but with an electric booster. The steering has become sharper. There is a launch control function, but the dynamic characteristics are still not very impressive - about 3 seconds with the Z51 track package. We will receive new Corvette Stingray C8 in Dubai with Z51 package by Q1 of 2020 - it includes increased brakes with air ducts for cooling, another main gear ratio, a more efficient exhaust system, an electronically controlled differential lock, and improved engine cooling. And at the same time - enlarged front splitter and rear wing.

Engineers promise that the quality of the interior decoration has become much better (as we know it has always been weak point of Corvette) - soft plastic, genuine leather. Instead of classic appliances - a 12-inch screen. There are several colors for the trim panels and seats, and Bose audio systems are available as an option.

Sales of the new Corvette Stingray C8 in Dubai, UAE will begin in the fall, and promise an attractive price of up to 400 thousand dirhams (which, of course, is quite a bit for a 500-strong supercar), so it will definitely be popular in Dubai.